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Comments Update
Ben Posted On: Oct 18 2012 - Comments: 2Comments

I must have messed up something with grabbing the comment post from the SQL query. Now that comment posting works, there is a need for users. I will get working on a registration process so that you all can comment on posts.
Thanks for being patient!

Comment Bodies
Ben Posted On: Oct 17 2012 - Comments: 0Comments

My comment posting system works. It works well actually. A user has to be logged in, and then they are allowed to comment on any blog post, and soon any download, they wish.
I'm having my issue occur when I go to retrieve the comments. The MySQL query, that I'm using, works great on phpMyAdmin and even works some what on the site. You'll notice that it retrieves the comments, but the comment body is missing. The query executes without error, again it even gives us back the user and date. The query just fails to return the comment body when done through my PHP site.
I would like to get this fixed so that I can move on to user registration. I'll keep doing research, but please email me if you've encountered this problem already.

Comment System Update
Ben Posted On: Oct 11 2012 - Comments: 1Comments

Well, I got comment posting to work. Finally found a good use for hidden fields.
I'll admit that some things are beyond me for a while, but my Dad always said, "It's OK to be stupid, just not for too long." I apply this to my coding. I don't mind not knowing something as long as I make a point to figure it out.
Anyway, since comment posting works, the next logical step would be getting the display of comments to work correctly. Right now I don't have any styling for the comments section and the body of the comment isn't being returned. I'll work to get this fixed, then it's on to registration!