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New Website Project
Ben Posted On: Nov 19 2012 - Comments: 0Comments

Hey All,
New update coming at you! ERB Applications will be writing a website for The Bier Abbey in Schenectady, NY. We will be posting updates about the site, and when it's finished it will be added to a 'Links' section for your viewing pleasure.

Changes and New Software
Ben Posted On: Nov 7 2012 - Comments: 0Comments

Hey all,
To give you an update, we're working on adding administrative features to the website, as well as, starting our first Android app. More info on the app is coming, but for now just know that it is an Android app focused on personal banking.

New Team Member
Ben Posted On: Oct 20 2012 - Comments: 1Comments

I want to welcome my good friend, and ERB Applications' new CTO, Logan.
He will be helping me with website design, and the upcoming Android app projects.
Logan will be responsible for our major technical decisions, so if anything goes wrong it's his fault. Hahahaha, just messing around.