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Post Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:34 pm

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Hey all,
So we have about a month of time left for the server as I just paid our bill.
The reason I am writing this, is that I may shut the server down. It isn't cost-effective to keep paying for the server when we can't even use it how it was intended. It's just too expensive to pay for so that 2 or 3 people can come play.

We have a couple options for the future of the server:
1 - People can donate to help offset the server costs. I know this isn't likely as everyone has their own expenses, but it's still an option.

2 - We hold out for Sponge which would allow us Bukkit-esque operation on a Forge server. This project is progressing, just very slowly. I am holding out for this option as it would allow us to continue forward with our current server.

3 - We move away from modpacks all together. There is software that would allow us plugin support on a NON-MODDED server. So we could continue with our server but without any of the mods that make us, us. This obviously isn't that great of an option.

4 - I shut the server down and revisit it in the future when modded minecraft support is more available. This is what I'm leaning towards. It would save me a ton of money for now, and when we can bring the server back, we will.

Please voice your thoughts. I hope to get some insight before next month.

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Post Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:33 am

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I'm fairly surprised no one has posted on this, I was waiting for some interest but it has never came. Ultimately, it's your choice. Though we only have a few people playing currently, I think having a stable and long enduring pack would help convince people to play; we haven't had that for the past 2-3 iterations. I've no idea where our player base of 20+ has gone the last month or two lol, but at this point I see no one wanting to play let alone donate, sadly. I haven't been on myself because I wasn't sure if there any point if we planned to move on to something "better" soon. I guess a lot of it rests on Sponge, hopefully it won't be too long and we can survive to see it.

I'll keep in touch, and happy holidays to all those who come here and read this!

Post Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:03 pm

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Hey Destiny,
I agree that our lack of player base is because we switched packs a few times. It would be nice to find a stable pack that meets our standards and runs well on our server. I would like to continue holding out for Sponge or something to help us out, but with the lack of interest I don't think it's worth it for now.
I will keep looking at the state of Forge server management. Hopefully one day we can come back to a fun modpack and get things going like they used to be.
For now, I will shut the server down at the end of the billing period. That falls on 1/12/2015. I will download the map, zip it, and place it on the site so it is available for everyone. This way you can continue your builds so that everything is not lost.
I'm really sorry that this is how the server ends, but at least we have the possibility of bringing things back once software is available to us again.

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Post Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:30 am

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While I am rather late, I do have a proposition.
I have switched to primarily using my home build computer, so that leaves my laptop not being used. In theory, that means I can host a server on it (it's got an Intel i7 with 4 cores clocked at 2.30 GHz and a turbo clock of up to 3.8 GHz, and is hypertheaded. There is a total of 8 gigs of ram on it, meaning that I can allocated roughly 6-7 GB to the server. It'll run any modpack, and should be 24/7. Let me know if you're interested.

Post Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:03 pm

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Thanks Nidixia,
I have the ability to home-host the server as well. I just don't have a dedicated IP and the server doesn't run well on most home connections. I have a pretty beefy line, so maybe I will host the server locally for a time.
It's not that the money is too much to pay, it's just that it isn't worth it to pay 50$ a month to keep the server up if we only have 3 people on.
I'll post if I end up hosting things at home.

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