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Post Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:41 pm

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Hey all,
With the transition to the new pack, we have cycled out some of our staff. I'm currently looking for a player to fit a moderator position. If possible, a mature player who can be on when other staffers aren't is what I'm hoping to find.
Please reply to this thread with the template that we've laid out if you'd like to apply.

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Post Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:08 pm

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IGN: Nidwhal

Age: 13 1/2
How long you've been on the server: 2-3 weeks
General time of day that you play: General time of day spent on this server is 10 AM to 8 PM
Why would you fit the position: Staff positions are something I have always been keen on getting into on new servers, as they give me an opportunity to help others and an opportunity to learn about the server's plugins, basic observable behavoral sciences, and of the inner workings of a group of people who run a server for others. I have always helped the servers that I have been staffed on, and have been helped by the server itself. I have been staffed as Head-Admin, Moderator, Head-Developer, and Admin. I am also going to be a Co-Owner of a server that I helped to develop in the past.

Why do you want this server to succeed: This is still a young server, and with being young, it also needs several guiding figures in it's life. I enjoy guiding a young server into maturity and helping the users to get the most out of playing on the server. This is my goal for this very server, as it has become a server that needs a decent amount of help to get started again.

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Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:13 pm

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IGN: flashgolden


I have been on this sever scince before the map update in tekkit so around 2 months maybe more

I play around 8am to 10am then 12pm to 1.30pm on a weekend and 3.30pm - 5.00pm on a weekday but i do not have a set time

I would fit this posittion becasue i love this sever and i think we need the comunity we had before as it is not getting any new players and the old players are leaving. I have also staffed on 2 severs once as a moderator and once as an admin.

I want this server to succeed because it is a really cool server with good staff. But we need to sort out a better solution to the noob rank as it is scaring off new players.

Post Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:09 pm

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How long you've been on the server:
Around 2+ months.

General time of day that you play:
Gmt (timezone) daytime/evening, but sometimes up to as late as 4am in this timezone (11pm EST).

Why would you fit the position:
I think it comes down to some crucial points.

One is my IT speciality and knowledge, i'm very good at what I do and definitely am not a "numpty" when it comes to these complex circumstances. I've been using a computer for nearly a decade and have dwindled in many areas such as coding and various areas of gaming, even leading many game clans; So I have ran forums and been in situations which require decision making and leadership. I'm quite active on these forums, while not posting often so far i've been on every few days to read any new posts and can add support on here if needed.

Minecraft has been one of, if not the main, area of my gaming for the past year or two. I have greatly modded the game many times, having played around with some java in the past (edited an old irc java phone application a few years ago in order to add some "private features" and fix the MANY issues the developer missed for fun) and would like to get back into learning it in more professional terms. I've the knowledge to host a server and have nearly split it with a friend, having not done so yet because of financial reasons. For that reason i've experience adding, editing, and running various server plugins.

My GMT timezone means I can cover an area that many on the server cannot, thus relieving other mods to have to try to be on at times which cannot suit them, yet still be up late enough to communicate well with the rest of the team because of my lack of commitments elsewhere. I like to work with teams in in these circumstances to meet the max potential and succeed in becoming the best that we can.

The last point is my age. You can rely on me to keep my cool in hot situations and fall back on my maturity to make the right decisions in the right conditions, but with the ability to fool around otherwise, blend in and be just another player.

Why do you want this server to succeed:
This is easily one of the nicer and best Minecraft communities that i've ever seen. From the off, everyone is welcoming, polite, and helpful. While not massive, it's delightful to be in and everyone is pleasent to deal with. The staff are generally open and very talkative without the need to be controlling and arrogant, they want to be part of the community; I've found admins and mods of my previous vanilla faction server to be not only ignorant but also egotistic and vain to the point there was a split to those playing, and that's far from the case here and it's a great place to be.

I REALLY enjoy being on and playing here, and that shows in my play time. This place can really get somewhere, it's got the foundry to be unique and great. The community is second to none, and that's something unrivalled. With the right support we can grow for the better, it's got something to show, and I feel I can really help and support Th3BFG to achieve whatever aims he has for the server.

Post Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:09 pm

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TemptingDestiny has been chosen for the mod position. Thank you all for applying.

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